Each of the forty episodes of 1968.DIGITAL tells the story or a real hero of the year 1968 via a smartphone that they could have owned. Gabriel Garcia Marquez composes his novel in Notes, The Beatles have a WhatsApp chat, Andy Warhol shares photos of his exhibitions on Instagram, Mick Jagger releases future hit songs on Soundcloud, Yuri Gagarin chats and posts photos on VKontakte.
We are sharing the stories of events all around the world that laid a foundation of everyday life and fundamental values for fifty years to come. We will tell you how the year 1968 shaped the culture and the society, why did sexual revolution begin, and how did the struggle for human rights become mainstream.
1968.DIGITAL is produced by Mikhail Zygar and creative studio Future History; as well as Timur Bekmambetov and his film company Bazelevs . Bazelevs is creating projects in an innovative “ screenlife ” format, which places all the action on desktop and mobile screens. Most recent projects by Bazelevs include feature films PROFILE and SEARCH. They premiered at Berlinale and Sundance festivals, and both received Audience Awards.
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Creative studio «Future History»
produces websites, mobile apps, animated movies, invents experimental and innovative storytelling formats.
Producers: Mikhail Zygar, Karen Shainyan, Timur Bekmambetov
Creative studio «Future History»

Mikhail Zygar– author & director
Karen Shainyan– CEO
Anna Bocharova– executive producer
Mikhail Degtyarev– screenwriter
Olga Terekhova– art director
Yuri Saprykin– head of SMM
Dasha Ely– head of partnerships
Maria Shashaeva– head of marketing
Alexandra Konstantinova– executive producer
Vera Makarenko– project manager
Irina Ivanova– head of finance
Alexey Fisun– co - director

Olga Nasalskaya– head of partnerships and marketing in the USA
Lyudmila Taranenko– head of partnerships and marketing in France
Alexandrina Markvo(Bird & Carrot)– head of partnerships and marketing in the UK

Video editing & motion design: Andrey Cherkasov, Ilya Trusov, Alexander Musolin
Photo editors, live footage researchers: Anastasiya Indrikova, Anna Shpakova, Yuliya Zakrevskaya
Sound producers: Fyodor Onufriev, Dmitry Grishkov

Anastasiya Vikhrova– product director
Boris Tavakalov– IT lead, team lead
Web development: Froncubator

Graphic designers: Yekaterina Loginova, Maxim Zudilkin, Maxim Sergeev, Nadezhda Ershova

Research: Pavel Krasovitsky, Anna Luganskaya, Daulet Zhanaidarov, Ekaterina Bazanova, Ivan Zuenko, Alexandra Bazdenkova, Darya Sukharchuk, Lev Gankin, Dmitry Makarov, Olga Mikhailovskaya, Filipp Prokofiev

Film company “Bazelevs”
Timur Bekmambetov – producer of the project
Igor Tsai – executive producer
Maria Zatulovskaya – executive producer
Anna Soboleva – executive producer
Alexey Sobolev – creative producer
Majd Nassif – project manager
Andrey Shugaev – editor
Yanis Onkes – Screenlife technical support

Alexandre Rene Garese – co-producer of the French adaptation
Web development: Froncubator company